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How video game/comic book movies' story should be made? 

2,908 deviants said The story should follow the original plot but it should have some new ideas aswell.
1,130 deviants said The story should follow the original VG/comic plot EXACTLY!
255 deviants said It should be something completely new!
102 deviants said other (comment)

Devious Comments

Pikachu-crazy788 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011  Student Filmographer
macore3 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2010
it shouldnt be as bad as the last air bender movie
TheUniverseTraveler Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2010
Depends on the game.
Exploding-Pie Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010 should not be made like a pokemon movie! :no: :no: :no:
Jedi-Raal Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2010
while i think it should follow the story, it can improvise, so long as it deosnt really deviate or majorly change the story line (eragon got changed way to much in many ways)
TPPR10 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
It should follow original plot but add own stuff aswell. It's good if they follow original plot but it doesn't mean they can't add own stuff and take their own take of something. Trough they should be really big, expecially taking own take of something.
phuzzych1n Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010
Oops.... meant to hit "Follow it Exactly"
Earthsongfairy Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2010  Student Writer
I'd say to follow the story but also have a few new ideas as well, that's why movies and books are the same yet different. If they follow the story exactly then we (if read the story before hand) would already know what is happening or going to happen before it happens which would make it boring and a waste of time. Unless people would like to see it happening in motion picture then through imagination of words.
Shroudheart61 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2010  Student General Artist
I agree with a few others, it really does depend. Some VG's or comics just don't have any room for anymore ideas in the story lien without messing it up. For others, it might be better for the movie. But for all of them, the basics need to be absolutely firm, no maybes when it comes down to a comparison of the basic structure of the plot. Otherwise it isn't really the movie of the storyline at all... unless, of course, it is just relating to the same world and is a different installment. but then again, it wouldn't make much sense unless you were a previous fan, and, well, with the way people are, that wouldn't help the fandom as much.... GAH, I'm making no sense. xDD
Kerwinm12345 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2010
I think movies can go anywhere, as long as they accomplish the main ideas and points of the original.
Gogeta504 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010
they are making DC online universe .. and the characters are based from the comics .... the game will be for Ps3 and PC only !!! (no wii or xbox 360) =P .. it comes out November 2nd 2010

yeah its out of topic i know XD
riodile Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series is kinda popular on this kind of stuff. Along with the normal pokemon games
LucarioFan756 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010
Mother 3 should be a movie.
fuzzy3158 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010
having no expectations nor standards for movies whatsoever made it really easy for me to enjoy most videogame movies, especially resident evil ^^
phazonfarmer Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
A movie based on a game should follow the plot as closely as possible. However, if parts of the story rely heavily on gameplay, those parts need to be rewritten so that A) they remain interesting, and B) they have no significant impact on the plot. A small change is an acceptable price for a great experience.
wolfmaddness Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
i belive if they have to base a movie off a game they should let the people who made the game or a the very least a loyal fan of the game dirict or wright it so it can at least turn out some what good. i mean thats what they do when they make all of the comic book based movies and most of them kick ass like the watchmen and the dark knight
RandomLynx Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
A lot of comics (or at least of the Marvel / DC variety) have gone through many revisions through the years. For that sort of comic, having the characters, the basic plot points, and 'feel' is all they really need.

For video games and many other comics, there's a single (mostly) narrative - so you deviate too much from that you're probably gonna lose the audience it's targeting. It also becomes a question of why? Why base something on an established story if you're gonna ignore all that made it special - just slap on a different title and remove any blatant references to the original source, probably be better off that way in the long run.

The medium is too large to ignore, so when you present something from one medium to another you are almost always forced to make some changes. The translation rarely works flawlessly and that needs to be considered. And hey, sometimes the changes can be very endearing - the original authors of The Shining and Neverending Story hated the movies based on their work - not a majority of the viewing public agrees with their view.
So mostly I think you should keep something with the "spirit" of the original work with not a lot of changes but that's a general rule to my mind and not always applicable to everything out there.
lunaphantom Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
It should follow the original plot but offer new incites.
Cormat48 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well I belive that it really depends on what game or book you are talking about but all together it should try following the plot and then you know add a little new unexecpted stuff that happens during the story as a side plot. But of course make sure the little side story does interfer with the main plot/story of oringal game or book. Of course as I said it just really depends on the game/book!
Kitsune29 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
Personally, I think they should follow the original story as close as possible. But I'm flexible about editing for time or continuity
Acrylicsilence Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
aside from resident evil i have never seen a single good video game movie
LynntheHylian Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
I think with Movies that are based off of games and TV shows, obviously should stick along the same plot lines.. and Where there are pre established characters invoved, you should try to capture that loved/known character as spot on as possible! Characters are one of the main things people take away from games.. or at least are the most recognised things..

I think that when you come down to it, if you say.. take a game like.. ((heaven forbid they do this)) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Obviously they can't have Link go through all the dungeons and all the temples and things, but they can however, do something that takes the same feel.. like.. Shortcut a few things like.. Maybe instead of awakening all the sages one by one. find some sort of thing where Maybe the people that Link befriends are all drawn to him because of the courage he posses with the triforce, and/or he feels compelled to know them/protect them because of the Sage's connections to the land or something, just don't take a character's face thand then drag it in the mud and say, "Look at what I did! this is my character! See if you wash away the mudd It's Sokka!" Ya know?

I guess for plot wise, I say, try to keep the things like a normal movie. if It doesn't fit. Don't use it. Even if you think it'll be awesome. Don't. You don't go shopping till your broke buying all the bling you want because it'll "make you look cool"...

Just well.. Dont' break it. You can make a modified tale that's a shorter version of something or even something ((I wouldn't suggest it unless you know it'll be Dynamite!)) unique! Just don't break the characters and don't be Cheesy. Be legit!

<3 games forever man!
straYDoubter Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
Doesn't matter to me. Just as long as the director is competent enough not to ruin the whole movie with something ridiculous and/or insane. Though this can sometimes be impossible, as I see Mortral Kombat as the only decent video game movie.
Rennar Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
The Tomb Raider movies were actually pretty decent (although, I never played the games...I didn't even know that there were tomb raider games when I saw the movies...XD)
Rennar Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
You need new ideas, but you shouldn't do something completely new and go all "Super Mario Bros: the Movie" on us.

Also, I'm Ultra-super-omega-otherwordsthatindicateextremepower-pissed that they gave freakin' Shadow of the Colossus (with out a doubt, the best video game ever made on the p2s, with much emphasis on "best") to freakin' UWE BOLL!!. Why!? Why, would they do THAT!!!!!!!!!
Rennar Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
Oh, good, wikipedia doesn't say anything about uwe boll directing it anymore...but it does say that the writer from that street fighter movie is directing it....
Pixakat Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Movies that are based on the original novel/comic, are just that 'based on', If you don't give the directors the freedom to change and fiddle with some of the details all you have is the same old story except animated. On the other hand, some games or books' movies just wouldn't be the same if the directors are given too much free rein. XD

Square Enix and Disney should soooooooo make a Kingdom Hearts Movie, based on each of the games ^^ It'll be as big (if not bigger) than Starwars!!!

A very deep poll -_o You have definately got people thinking hard on it BehindtG :)
KitsuneNoAme Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
Sometimes it's best to not make movies off of other media and be... I dunno, original?
CuddlyLittlePurrrson Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
What I like about books is that it can expand on the orginal ideas found in video games. Consider the Legend of Zelda comics- they take some liberties with the game plot, but expand on the Link character more than can be done in the game.
NamelessManic Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
No animated show should be made into a live action film, EVER! Video games should follow the idea, but through in some new stuff to make it original. After all we know the games, why not have more fun with it!
Awsomeking14000 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
It should follow the origanal exactly. Too many movies have hit below expectations do to a change in the plot.
robert2boy7genius Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
i say other due to 2 decent VG movies (FFVIIACC:final fantasy VII advent children complete and sonic the hedgehog)

FF due to it being done by the original creators and part of the story of the gam
and the sonic anime cause it captures the spirit of the original sonic games in an original plot

pllus they were awsome \M/
Vawn-O-the-Dawn Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
It can't follow the plot exactly. Certain things work in games that DO NOT work in other forms of narrative. It's the same thing with books and comics, although less so with comics.
Sou1xHunt3r Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
From comic book to movie, I would not make any new characters, but add new places they cross, maybe new boss infected(doing a zombie comic here so...), add more action, add more suspension, and maybe some scenes that the characters just stand there and move a little, but the camera spins around them, oh and camera angles.
twilightwolfqueen409 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
You do know that the still might suck even if they look at this (but less than a movie made into a game)?
hammerhead101202 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
Should be reimaginings
easynote4 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010
something of new is not bad!
Coolwonder Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
I dunno, either way you'll always see something wrong with it.
Video games based on movies just don't seem right, especially cause sometimes it gets released before the actual movie comes to theaters.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's like watching the movie/playing the game over again, its repetitive.
Daunce Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
I hate it when they make a video game before the movie its annoying because it reveals parts of the movie and sometimes its not even related to the movie
DCHorror Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010  Professional Filmographer
An exact copy isn't incredibly interesting. When I read the Watchmen, it was fun to read. When you watch the movie, it's mostly the same. I found a lot of it to be boring because of that.

Going completely from scratch is just a bad idea. It's much better to just make a original movie.

I think it should follow the basis of the original plot. You know, like, Mario travels through the Mushroom Kingdom, beats Bowser, saves the princess. Luigi tags along and maybe Toad makes a joke about Peach being in another castle. You couldn't possibly do an exact from the game with this, given that there are eight worlds in the first SMB. And it's a fairly short game by today's standards.

Most good adaptations have to push at least three hours, as in most cases, you're trying to adapt no less than five hours worth of material. The depressing part about this is, you need to add to the story to account for the change of medium and cover things that were acceptable in one form that might not in another. Like why Mario loses power ups when hit.

And sometimes, the original story as is doesn't translate as well to film.

Of course, it'd be a whole different matter if they'd allow us to adapt them into tv shows. Imagine how awesome a season on tv that delved into the war of Halo, or faithfully depicted Mega Man's adventures, and look at how well the DCAU came off.
PichuandEeveefan101 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
it depends on which games/comic books...
Scurge-UW3 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
I think it varies depending on the game they're basing for example a Mario game lacks enough plot for a movie where Metal Gear has too much plot.
Dragonling140 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
Mostly the same, but with new things to interest people.
NovaYoshi Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
It seems to only work for comics. :c
Like Kick-Ass...awesome.
PeregrinePrimus Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
Other: I don't think comics and games should be made into movies at all. IMO, it never works as well as the original medium did. If they *must* become movies, they at least should not be made into live-action ones. Actors in cartoon-character or hero outfits always look dorky to me...
TamarinFrog Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
What about the new Batman movies? They are generaly loved by everyone.
AlexKun Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
Final Fantasy 7 did it right.
TrainerAQ Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't think it's possible. It looks cheezy when movies are based off of video games and comic books and the goes vice-versa
pynni Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010
I agree with you on video games, but we've seen some AMAZING comic book movies. Like Burton's Batman, and recently Batman Begins and Dark Knight, not to mention Iron Man (2 was okay...) and the Incredible Hulk.
TrainerAQ Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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