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PKMNation :: Nocturne Grove

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 11:31 AM

Please ignore if you are not a member of

Nocturne Grove is a ranch located deep inside the Eterna Forest in Sinnoh. It specializes in Ghost and Bug types but we welcome lots of different kind of pokemon. Especially those that most people find scary.

"Huh? Who is there? Oh well hello! I really didn't expect anyone to wander into these woods. Well, welcome! Welcome to Nocturne Grove! I'm Tammy Froggen and here we specialize in ghost and bug type pokemon. You know, most people are find these wonderful pokemon scary but if you spent some time with them, you would find they are actually quite nice and sweet! Or maybe it's just me! Kekeke!

But! Feel free to look around!"



Calling to the Night I Zubat I Female I

Hall of the Mountain King I Archen I Male I

Waltz in the 4th Dimenzion I Swadloon I Male I

Wicked Child I Gastly I Female I

Minuet of Forest I Venipede I Female I

Song of Storms I Froakie I Male I

Carnival of Rust I Honedge I Male I

Stickerbrush Symphony I Shuppet I FUSION I Female I

Sleeping Sun I Larvesta I Female I

Fairytale Gone Bad I Cottonee/Froakie I CROSS I Female I

Prelude of Light I Scatterbug I Male I

Before the Dawn I Caterpie I Female I

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds I Deino I SHINY I Female I

Kokiri Forest I Phantumpt SHINY I Female I

Rain on Your Parade I Croagunk/Froakie I CROSS I Male I

Tango for Two I Sewaddle/Scatterbug I CROSS I Male I

God Save the Queen I Combee I SHINY I Female I

Gusty Garden Galaxy I Flabebe/Scatterbug I CROSS I Male I

Lost in Clouds I Drifloon I Female I

Smooth Criminals I Sableye I Male I

Illusion & Dream I Gastly/Zorua I CROSS I Male I

Grape Garden I Venonat I Male I

Aquatic Ambiance I Frillish I Female I

Two for Tragedy I Skorupi I FUSION I Female I

Sweet Dreams I Munna I Female I

Citadel of Spiders I Venepide/SpinarakI CROSS I Male I

Moonlight Sonata I EeveeI FUSION I Female I

No refs yet
joltik I Male
mienfoo/pumpkaboo I CROSS I Female

Wish list

Anything but especially: ledyba, surskit, joltik, shelmet

Anything but especially: Spiritomb, rotom (female), pumpkaboo

Mawile (female), kecleon (male), murkrow (male), snorunt (female), goomy, noibat, more will be added

And Fusions/Crosses with ghost and bug pokemon of course!

Breeding Info

:bulletgreen: Feel free to send a comment here or a note and ask for breeding. I'll let you know if the pokemon you want to breed with is ok and if I accept.

:bulletgreen: I would prefer if the pokemon we breed are both at least at level 10. The higher the better.

:bulletgreen: As for payment, I usually prefer just the first pick.

:bulletgreen: If we use items, the item provider gets the first pick.

:bulletgreen: Who sends the note can be discussed.

:bulletgreen: Clutches are split half. I can take extra if we get uneven number.

:bulletgreen: I prefer that both get to keep full payment from their own clutches.

:bulletgreen: I will follow your rules if I come to you.

These are the basic rules I like to go by but these can be discussed.

On Sale/Other news

[Nothing at the moment]


I am open for battles but I might want to wait till Easter vacation for that. Feel free to ask tho.

I would prefer if we agreed on level limits so battles will be more interesting and close.


Want to challenge Nocturne Groove's Gym? Check the Gym
Bulletin Board

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Health and other stuff

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 30, 2014, 5:12 AM
Hello mah deerlings! Seeing any sights of spring in your fur? Hehe.

So Tammy here, just wanting to post a journal and talk how things are going. :)

First I'd like to talk about my health. You may remember that about two months ago I posted a journal and told you I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I've been eating the medicine now two months and I went to take the laboratory tests again a few days ago. I got some of the results already and I am happy to tell that my results are way better now! My hormone levels are not perfect yet but I already feel good and thinking that I should be feeling even better makes me excited! I'll still wait for a call from my other doctor but I think I we will agree that I'll start eating one full pill per day.

So yeah! I am feeling great! I started taking the medicine and also extra iron to raise my defence iron levels and I feel a lot more vivacious now! Normally I used to sleep till noon on weekends but now I have no problems waking up on 8 or 9 am! :D

I also started exercising more. And I am happy to say I've lost over 6kg (13 pounds) since December! I still need to lose a bit and by weight index number will be good! THIS YEAR I AM GONNA DO IT!   :iconsuperw00tplz:

As for art department, I am sure everyone has noticed how much I've been drawing since last weekend. XD I own it all to :iconpkmnation:. It's such a fun group and drawing for it is just pure fun. Thanks to it, I come to dA even after work and I feel like drawing again. And as we have seen, it has had a positive effect on my other art too. I hope you liked those random RD pics. I sure did.

But that is about all I wanted to say! Spring is coming! That makes me really happy! I hope you all are having a great day too!

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Thanks and something silly

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 9:52 AM
Hello. I really want to thank you all for your great comments and support on the last journal. It's hard to stay mad when I have such a great friends and fans. You guys are awesome. :icondancingfrogplz:

Let's move that journal away and put up something more positive... Hmm... Well, i got into that Super Mario group with my Birdo character and the timing couldn't be better because look what just came from the mail!

I had no idea there were so cute and beautiful official plushies of Birdo! :heart:

Now my yoshi plushie has a friend!

Ooh... Maybe more than just a friend...

HEY! Where did all these little yoshies come from?!

Family picture! :heart:

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Why I am so lazy? (a small rant)

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 12, 2014, 12:41 AM
Hello my deerlings. Sorry about this but I got a comment asking why I am sooooo lazy about updating the dear departed. I was going to answer this privately but my message got out of hands and... And I just need to get this off my chest...

Why I am so lazy? Weelll... Maybe because I am an adult who has a daily job as a graphic artists which means that every single work day I spend over 7 hours in front of a computer doing graphics. And when I finally get home and I have done some food, took care of my pets, had some exercise, maybe take a shover and or clean up my house, I have maybe about 4-5 hours for myself. MAYBE, just maybe I am tired after a full day of drawing and I don't feel like spending those few hours doing the same exact thing I do at work. (and making RD comics takes about 7-10 hours).

And oh yes! What about weekends?! I could easily spent all THAT time to draw comics! Well guess what. I am a human being. I have friends. I have a family. Sometimes I have plans with them. And I also have other hobbies. I love video games but I haven't had time to play them as much as I used to. I have many video games left unfinished because I feel bad playing them because I could use the time drawing the comic! I'd also love to start practicing crocheting but I haven't because I sit every single evening in front of my computer, thinking that I MUST DRAW THE COMIC EVEN IF I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT!............ And I never get anywhere....    

*sigh* I just... I'm really sorry. I know most of you are really patient with me (and like what ever the heck I post, RD related or not) and you have no idea how much I appreciate that. You are the people I want to make the comic for and the reason why I still draw it. But just... Please understand pokebank is coming. Making DD, has just been really emotionally exhausting. Sometimes I just feel that some people take the RD series more seriously than I do and I am literally afraid to update it because I don't know if it's up to your expectations.

I miss the days when I could draw the stupidest shit and no one took it too seriously and didn't bother to think whether it was canon with the series or not.

Or maybe I am just paranoid and over thinking. I don't know... Anyway, I'm really sorry about this small rant because this doesn't even concern majority of you. I didn't want to start my day like this but... *sigh*  This has been bottling inside me some time...

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I've been seeing a doctor lately and...

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 1, 2014, 2:57 AM
Hello deerlings and first of all, NO! No need to panic because of the title. I am not dying or anything, hehe. So no need to worry. But this is something I want to talk about and let you guys know so if you feel like reading this, prepare for a very personal journal. And I apologize in advance if I sound a bit awkward. English is not my first language so I might have a bit hard time to explain medical terms.

Remember my last journal when I mentioned how much year 2013 changed my life and how many important things happened? Well, 2014 is putting up a good game too and it is only January!

SO! To put this short and simple, I got a job and thanks to that job, I was entitled and required to take this free work check up at a doctor. So, all the normal jazz. I took some laboratory tests and went to see the doctor. Turned out some of my test results were really high or low from the norms, such as my blood cholesterol. They sent me to another laboratory tests for more. Last Monday, I was informed that I had hypothyroidism. Those who don't know, this is a thyroid disease. Thyroid is a gland on our neck that makes hormones. Since I have hypothyroidism, my thyroid doesn't make enough hormones, thus my body doesn't function properly. Common symptoms, that I have noticed in myself, are fatigue, feeling cold, gain of weight and having a hard time losing it, just not having motivation to do anything, muscle tiredness, poor memory, etc. Annoying thing is that this sickness comes very slowly and our bodies get so used to these symptoms that we don't even consider the possibility of having hypothyroidism. More than likely, I've had this over years!

 Good thing is, this is not the worst disease there is and it is easily treated with medicine. The bad thing is that it can never be fully cured so I'll be taking the medicine for the rest of my life (thank goodness it is very cheap). But I am not sad or mad. I am actually relieved and happy that this was found out. I've been suffering from tiredness and especially cold feet and hands for so long and I am so happy to finally find out that there was actually a good reason for this! And to be honest, I've been feeling great lately... Even with the disease. Just the idea that I could feel even better makes me happy.

I only just started the medical treatment so it is gonna take time to see results and find the right balance with the medicine. And I need to visit laboratory regularly for now to see that I am getting better. But like I said guys! I am very happy that this was found because in the long run, it would have caused SO MANY other worse problems (such as even higher cholesterol levels, leading to heart diseases). And like I said, I feel GOOD. I can't believe I could be feeling even better.

I wanted to share this with you guys and let you know that I am okay. I am also actually curious if any of you have hypothyroidism too. I'd LOVE to hear your stories. :)

Thank you so much if you took your time to read all this! Again, I feel fine! I'll be feeling even better in the future! Let's make this a big doodling weekend! I have so many ideas I want to draw! Let us just hope my hypothyroidism doesn't take the best of me and make me tired too fast! Hahaha! 

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Year 2013 Retrospect and Happy New Year 2014

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 31, 2013, 5:29 AM
Happy new year my little deerlings! Less 9 hours (here in Finland) until year 2014! Aren't you all excited?!

Well, I promised a journal about my thoughts about the year 2013. This is mostly for yours truly but if you are curious to read a part of my life story... Gather around! Gather around! Aunt Tammy is gonna tell ya all a story! It is based on true events! And scary! Well, not scary.... It's more like a life documentary... I am still working on it... I'm aiming for an Oscar. Yeah.

SO, year 2013! Boy what a year! Where do I start? I think we need to go back all the way to the year 2012. The nightmare before Christmas eve day. I remember it clearly. Because I was crying myself to sleep. Yes, that night, I was feeling down. HARD! I dunno what triggered  it but all the bad feelings just came rushing into me. I felt like I was worthless. Not sure what the heck I wanted to do with my life. (I was finishing school at the time and I had no idea what to do next.) I felt ugly...Stupid... Yeah, all the bad thoughts just came to me that night. Now why I am reminiscing this? Well, one important turning point for positive  happened right next morning...

I was feeling a bit better the next morning. It was Christmas after all and my family was together. I was minding my own business when my brother and his wife had something important to tell us. They were having a baby. I was dumbfounded. I was becoming an aunt? The sheer amount of joy and excitement I felt at that moment was describable. I was so happy for them. After that, everything I had cried for last night, felt meaningless and stupid.

So then the year 2013 officially started! I had something awesome to look for and I knew it was going to be a VERY important year for me. I was about to graduate which meant that I should get a job and move on my very own house (finally getting out of student apartments). I was still doing some freelance graphic works but I knew I needed to get a job with a steady income. I applied to a couple of video game companies but got nothing... Then my mother caught a glimpse of this project called "GamePro" where they offer practical training in video game companies for people who had studied anything video game related career (art, coding, level design ec). I applied there and got into it (as the only girl in that group XD) And I got a training spot as a junior graphic artist in Sulake OY who runs the Habbo hotel chat. Thus started my seven month period of working at their office and once a month we had sessions with the GamePro people where we studied video game industry, art, coding and all that fun stuff.

While all this was going, I was also searching for a new apartment! And I found just the perfect place! Close to good services. Has a glassed balcony and a sauna! And rent was acceptable. I had some minor problems with the electric company but otherwise the moving went great and I was happy about my new home! I also made one of my wildest dreams come true and cut my hair short!

And like a week from that, my niece was born... :heart:

Then, my seven month long practical training period was coming to an end and I got hired for real. I have now a steady income and a job where I can do what I like for living.

As I write this, I can see that the year 2013 was a very important year in my life. I now know what I am doing now. I live in a house I love. I have a new important person in my live... I don't feel ugly or stupid anymore... I suppose... What I am trying to say here is that... You can never know where you are in one year and only one day can change so much. So, if any of you are feeling down, don't cry. Remember that so much can happen in one year!

So, I am wishing you all SO FRIKING GOOD AND BEST NEW YEAR 2014 AS I CAN! YOU ALL DESERVE A GOOD ONE! Those who have followed me long time, know what to expect later today. ;) And let's end this with some New Year resolutions! Got any?

Me? I decide to get a new hobby and learn how to crochet! This because my mother brought me this adorable crochet Stitch plushie from Thailand and I wanted to learn how to make crochet plushies myself! I am still learning but I already made my first grandma's square. XD

And... Well... I cut my hair... There is also that tattoo I have always wanted to get...


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I'm Back and some friendly advertising!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 29, 2013, 1:09 AM
Hello little deerlings! I hope you all had a great Christmas/Holiday/Hanuka/Kwanzaa/whatever! I sure did. I ate good and had fun with my family. That is all I really wish from Christmas. :D

But yeah! A short journal just to say I am back home. New year is still coming but work starts again for me tomorrow so my holidays are over pretty much. At least my good friend :iconlazy-a-ile: is here to keep me company. Yay!

I'll get back to my POKEDDEXY challenge on tumblr soon and once that is done, I'll start being more active here again. But, those who have followed me some years, know what to expect on New Year's eve. ;) I'll also write a bigger journal about the year 2013 because I have a LOT to say about this year. But hey! I am off now. Ile and I will be going to see Frozen (finally) today!

But before I go! Here is a totally friendly and not a shameless advertisement for my good and long dA friend, :iconkikulina: who is  taking commission at the moment! You know you want a cute little drawing from her! :iconshutupandtakemyplz:.

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Season's Greetings!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 22, 2013, 12:21 AM
Hello little deerlings! 

Just a quick journal update because I am on my vacation and we are about to start all the christmas activities! Tree decoration and baking and such! :D 

So yeah, I am on my vacation now. I just want to wish everyone a great and merry christmas and happy holidays! 

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December Plans

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 5, 2013, 1:01 AM
Hello little deerlings! Enjoying your winter coat?

Tammy here just to talk about what's going on! MAN! It is that time of the year again?! Whoa the time flies! I'll save the reminiscing this year for later time and just concentrate on what I plan to do before 2014.

And um... Well...  What am I doing now? Well, aside for work and grunting because we STILL don't have snow in this part of Finland (IT'S DECEMBER AND WE STILL HAVE +2 CELSIUS?!? WTF?!)? Well, it might be little quiet on my part here on dA... I am doing the POKEDDEXY challenge on tumblr (I'll upload them here once the challenge is done) because I want to really kick myself on the butt and get into drawing again and proof myself that I can stick to deadlines I have given myself if I really put my mind into it! Because I really, really, REALLY want to get back into updating my comics more regularly...

Speaking of which, I have next two pages of DD sketched but I am not sure if I'll get them done in December. This is because of the POKEDDEXY challenge and two secret santas I am taking part of. Thank goodness tomorrow is Finland's independence day so woo! Long weekend! I'll be leaving for a Xmas vacation in two weeks too so after that... It's will be quiet here on my part most likely.

So yeah, not sure if I can get the next two pages out before year 2014 but I plan to at least sketch many pages before that so I can tackle them right when these December plans are out. I REALLY want to find a good schedule that works for me and get updating that comic regularly again. Because I really want to get to chapter five that is much less serious and more comedy based than DD. XD

Anyway, I am rambling here! OH! And I FINALLY got myself a Wii U! And I luv it! Pikmin 3 is sooo much fun. I didn't remember how much I love this franchise.

So! Have a happy December! Don't stress yourself too much over it and stay safe and warm!      

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Doctor T. Frog Love is in da House!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 8, 2013, 12:23 AM
Hey my sweet little deerlings! Let's cheer this day with a little journal game that Jaded-Snow started! Let's spread some loove!

How this works:
Comment on this journal, and I will tell you two things I really like about you. You must then tell two things you like about me. Whether you tell them in your first comment or in a reply is fine. You must also spread the love and make a journal of your own of this game.

One extra rule tho. I am sorry but I can't tell nice things about you if I don't really know you... Please don't feel bad but that is how it is. So feel free to comment if we have had some decent conversations couple of times. :)  

And heck, comment anyway. I'll throw a cheerful greeting to you none the less! :dummy:

Edit Oh gosh! Thank you all for the nice comments! I am so saving this journal and look at it every time I feel a bit down! Thank you all and remember to spread the good will too! I am sorry to say but I have to leave now and I won't be back until Sunday evening. But feel more than free to leave a comment! I'll just get back a little later, okay! ;)

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Autumn Feels

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 7, 2013, 12:53 AM
Hello little deerlings!

Tammy here just writing some random thoughts. Autumn has hit Finland harshly and it's just cold, dark and wet... Uh, Not my favourite time of the year...

But enough of that! So what's going on lately? Well, I am happy to tell that after 7 months of practical training, I got hired and I have a real job now. :D (well, this happened almost a month ago, derp). So I am now a Junior Graphic Artist! Yay! But there is a downside... My job is to draw. Which means I spend whole work day in front of a computer drawing. This leaves me exhausted and I really don't feel like drawing (at least digitally) when I get home. This is why I haven't done anything really big (minus the Halloween picture) recently.

Oh gosh... I am just so tired these days... I am full of energy at work and so eager to draw but when I get home, ALL THAT GOES AWAY! Ugh, I hate that.

I'd also like to apologize for not continuing Dear Departed yet. Because of work, I don't have energy to work with it on work days and my weekends have been busy lately. I have plans for next weekend too. It's Father's day here in Finland and I'll be visiting him so I can't work with anything digitally during that but I hope to finally sketch the next pages. There are also couple group related art I want to do too... Oh puuh... So much I want to draw yet so little time and energy... I hate this time of year... It really drains my will power.

So, that was just what I wanted to say. I am really happy for my new job but it does affect my own drawing plans and I hope you understand that. Oh gosh... I need to stop worrying about these things... I know that most of you people don't mind and understand but I can't help but feel guilty... Ugh... Don't mind me rambling here! I'm fine! Just a bit tired. I hope you all are having a good day. :)

And one more thing. Lots of people have been asking my friend code. I appreciate that so many want my code but right now I don't feel comfortable exchanging them with random people on the Internet. I like to have some sort of knowledge who are on my friend list so I'll be filling it first with my closest friends and people I watch here in DA (hint hint). I might ask some codes in the future because gosh darnit, I want more friend safaris XD (one with dittos would be gold.)

(And I know you can get them in pokemon villages normally. But friend Safari pokemon have perfect IVs in random stats and that is why I'd love to have a safari with dittos so I can use them for breeding if I ever get back to online battling).     

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I'm Back!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 19, 2013, 4:49 AM
Hey little deerlings! I'm back and just kicked E4 butt and became the very best!

Nothing else to say here really. Got through all the notes, comments and deviations. So I'm just here to say I am officially back from my Y break.  Which means I am no longer avoiding sixth gen spoilers! There are still maybe a couple of new pokemon I haven't seen but I don't care anymore if I come across new ones. I missed this place.

I don't feel like giving a big review of the game (at least not now). But to make it short: I loved it and I had lots of fun. It was way too easy thanks to EXp share (at least you can turn it off so I really can't blame it that much) and how easy it is to gain exp in this game. I also think they revealed WAY TOO many of the new pokemon before the game got out in my opinion. But like I said, I loved the game. It felt like a completely new pokemon game thanks to the 3D environment. Pokemon-amie, trainer customization, PSS (it was fun to follow some of you guys ;) (Wink)), the selection of pokemon, the little jokes and hints to older games... And the story... The only pokemon game (along with explorers of sky) that got me teary eyed... I LOVE what this game did to the pokemon lore.

So, I am off of my sixth gen spoiler break! I CAN FINALLY START DRAWING THESE NEW ADORABSIES! (is that even a word?). So a fair warning to those who are still getting their games and are avoiding spoilers. My gallery is no longer spoiler free .

I'll be most certainly drawing my team soon and introduce you to my pokemans!

And to answer some questions I got:

I started with froakie. And no I am not planning to do any comic of Kalos pokemon.

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Gone to become a Pokemon Master

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 11, 2013, 6:02 AM
Hello little deerlings! You know what is coming? I bet you do! And we are all excited! Now, I have something to say to those who are getting the game...

First, I just got a VERY interesting phone call. Game Stop just called me and told me I could pick up my Y version, TODAY!  Apparently Nintendo has moved the release date earlier!!! (At least here and UK I know for sure) Damn I am so frikkin excited now!

But my fellow trainers. There are few words I'd like to say.... Ah, how should I start? Maybe by saying what a time this has been! I know I say this everytime a new main pokemon game is released but damn I am excited for X&Y. And I really mean it. I am also so happy that the game is released worldwide on the same day. We all get to experience this wonderful game at the same time. Tho I must address how disappointed I was when I heard the game was (accidentally?) released too early in Canada and Italy, pretty much ruining the whole experience for the most of us. Many were unable to resist the curiosity to check the leaked stuff. Some, didn't care and that is fine. Everyone their own way. BUT THOSE OF US! Those of us who decided to avoid spoilers! We can smile! We made it! We made it through this dangerous time and we know we are in for a REAL treat. When was the last time you played a pokemon game and didn't know almost anything about it? I can tell, it one of the BEST experiments.

So my fellow trainers! Some of you may have been doing this only a few years. To some of you this might be even your first pokemon adventure! Or some of you might be veterans like me! It doesn't matter! Now! Raise your pokeballs! Choose your starter! It has begun! We are gonna be the very best! Like no one ever was once again!!!


Starting now, I'll go to a Pokemon Y break. I do not plan to do anything else this weekend but to play this game. When I come back, I am off of my spoiler break! I can finally check my inbox deviations (there are over 600 pictures to check). I don't know what I'll do artwise, but I bet we will see lots of sixth gen art by yours truly. ;)

Also, I might post some twitter posts about my playthrough. No way the same way I did with Japanese white but I might post some thoughts or just random tweets. So, if for some reason you are interested (why would you? You should be playing your own game), feel free to check my twitter account:

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Pokemon Point Commissions are Clossed

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 5, 2013, 1:28 AM
Edit Thank you everyone! We have all the five spots taken. Better luck next time! I'll now start working on these! Let's see if I can make them all today! ;)

Hello little deerlings! It's lazy Saturday morning here! I am feeling fine and I have nothing special planned so I think it's a good day to do those point commissions I promised! :D

Now be sure to read everything carefully before you start sending your requests.

First, I'll accept only certain type of commissions. The theme is: Pokemon Using Attacks
The style I'll draw them is this:
Weedle Used Poison Sting by TamarinFrogTornadus the Wind Waker by TamarinFrog

This is because it's fast and easy and I really like it!
The price is 400 points I'll take five spots!

If you want one, comment on this journal and tell me the followings:
• What pokemon you want?
• What move do you want it to use (legal moves only)
• You can also mention if you want it to be shiny
• You can also choose its gender (important if there are gender differences).
• No OCs. Maybe sometime but now I just want to draw normal pokemon.
•Wait for my reply

Got it? Comment on this journal and wait for me to reply and say I have taken your commission. THEN send me the points and I'll add you to the list and start your work right away! :D And yes, I'll draw five eevees if I have to. So you can suggest the same pokemon if you really want to. XD

Again, the price is 400 points! I'll take five spots! And it's first-come-first-serve! So good luck!

1. :iconbrawlkoopa: - Typhlosion using eruption
2. :iconjuliekarbon: - Sableye (male) using dark pulse
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Hey Guys!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 29, 2013, 12:32 AM
Hey my little deerlings! Exciting isn't it?!

We finally have the new RD pages up! Who is excited? I bet you are. But how are things gonna continue from here? Well, I really want to start updating the comic more regularly from now on again but I don't want to promise any certain days or times. But trust me, I am eager to continue the series so hopefully we don't need to wait another year for an update. :XD:

As for other things... I think next RD related thing in my mind is Elisa's bio. I kinda want to make her look change natural so I feel like I need to finish her bio first before she appear again in the comic (which is... The next pages XD). So, expect that soon. Thankfully I have her bio about written already (I did that before the pokemon cast) so it shouldn't take too long. I just need to modify the bio sheet for human character needs.

And last... *atchoo!* I think I am getting a flu so excuse me if I am a bit tired during the next week...
Have a good day guys! Stay healthy! *atchoo!*

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Curse you awesome people

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 13, 2013, 7:32 AM
Just wanted to thank you all who donated me some points and even bought me 4 extra months of premium membership. You people are awesome. :heart:

But fear not those of you who were saving your points for the commissions. I promised I'd do point commissions and I will do them. I still aim to get one year membership and having some extra points that I could donate to groups and other awesome people wouldn't hurt either.

So keep an eye out for that journal. Some one beautiful day (weekend most likely) I might just take a day off and just spend the whole day drawing pokemon for you guys. ;)

(as for the possible prize, don't expect it to be really small. I'd say around 300-400 points. 400 points is less than 5 dollars / 4 euros so as someone who does art for a living, I'd call that an outright steal XD)

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Some things I want to say

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 12, 2013, 5:22 AM
Hello little deerlings.

First, FU dA! You just had to glitch while I was writing this and now I had to start over! *grumblemumble*

Okey, what did I write again? Yeah, first I'd want you to know that the lineart for next two RD pages are done! Wohoo! BUT, I don't know when I'll be able to continue working with them. You see, there are two very important family related days coming soon. My father's 60th birthday and my nieces naming ceremony (same thing as christening/baptism minus all the religious stuff). And I REALLY want to paint something for them so those are the top most important works I am concentrating now.

Next, my premium membership is running low. I'd like to keep my membership because it makes organizing the galleries much easier (plus, pretty main page).

So, I am thinking of doing some pokemon point commissions very soon.  I'm still working on this but keep your eyes out! When I'll start accepting them, I'll post a journal about how many I am accepting and WHAT KIND OF COMMISSIONS I AM DOING.

of course, you are free to just donate points if you want anytime. :heart:

And last... ONLY A MONTH GUYS! ONLY A MONTH! :woohoo:

Gosh! You should have hear me screaming when I logged in today... I had to delete my inbox deviations so fast... :XD: Gosh, going spoiler free for a month is going to be tough

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Sixth Gen - No spoilers please

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 4, 2013, 11:45 PM
Hello little deerlings!

Your friendly neighbor Tammy here! Just posting this little journal to  talk about pokemon X and Y!

So yeah! Little over a month before they come out! Aren't you excited? I sure am! I already preordered  Y for meself! Which one will you get?

But let's get tot the main topic of this journal. Since the release date is so close, I have decided to stop visiting any pokemon sites and avoid spoilers for now on. I will not take a chance that the starter evolutions are spoiled for me! I don't want to know what my little froakia will evolve into!

Yesterday was the latest pokemon direct and while I know the three "new" pokemon we got from that, I understood there was a glimpse of fourth new one and I have not seen this one and I plan not to.

So, I ask you... PLEASE do not post comments about the game and new pokemon to me anymore. I do not want to know. It will be hard enough to avoid all the beautiful art of them considering how many pokemon related groups and artists I follow here.

That is all I wanted to say! I hope you can respect my decision. Maybe you are doing the same? I can say that playing Japanese white blindly was one of the best gaming experiments I ever had and I plan to replicate that with Y.  

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Random Doom: What's next?

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 26, 2013, 12:24 AM
Hello little deerlings!

Wohoo! It is done! All the bios of the main RD characters are done! Woo! You know what this mean? Well, I'll tell you!

First, some people have been asking me if I am going to give those bio sheets for any kind of use. Well, I am happy to tell you that yes, I am giving them for free use. I just need to go through the PSD file and check the layers are named right and it is as simple as it can be. (there are MANY layers). I'll also change the fonts as the ones I was using are not common and apparently not free either so I am not comfortable giving them out with the PSD file. So, let me do that first but you can expect the Bio sheet very soon. ;)

As for RD, there is still the minor character bios and especially Elisa's that I need to do but I think it has been long enough... Yes, I think it is finally time to start updating Dear Departed again! I'll catch up where the story is right now, maybe edit some of the old pages (dialog mostly) but yes! RD is back!

I really want to thank you all again for being so patient with me and sticking around. And I also want to give special thanks to everyone who helped me to fix typo errors in the bios. You guys were a big help! Thank you all! :D

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Problem Solved

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 19, 2013, 11:59 PM
Yeah, the computer problem is solved.

My external hard drive got corrupted and that was what caused my computer to act up when trying to turn it on. Simply removing the hard drive fixed this. BUT this means I lost everything I had on that hard drive... All my art from year 2004 to 2012... Puff! Gone.

NOW before you go nuts and feel sorry for me or want to patronize me. No need to. This was all my own damn fault and I know it. And I have already accepted this. To be honest. It was not that big of a deal. About 90% of that art is already here and I don't think I would ever need the PSD files again. All the really important files, like comic pages, textures, brushes, etc, are all save on my main computer. All I really miss are some of my old school works... And those 2004 works I never published... Haha! Or... Maybe it was better they got lost. XD Oh dear...

Anyway,  I know I might have a chance to get them back by taking the hard drive to a computer shop but I dunno. But I do know that I'll be getting a new one and save all my files in multiple places for now on.

And last I want to thank anyone who posted some helpful comments! Again, it is really nice to see that there are people ready to help when asked. Thanks! :D     

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