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March 24, 2013
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SH App - Oterma by TamarinFrog SH App - Oterma by TamarinFrog
For :iconsecrethideout:

The new group character I mentioned! Heck, not everyday you get a chance to make a legendary character so no way I was gonna let this opportunity slide! Legendaries man! Legendaries! So say hello to 39P/Oterma! She is my first, well... kinda jerkish RP character so she should be interesting to write if I get in. At least she was tons of fun to design and she made me love deoxys!

:bulletorange:Name: 39P/Oterma
:bulletblue:Nickname: Oterma for short
:bulletorange:Age: Seems 25
:bulletblue:Birthday: July 11th
:bulletorange:Gender: Identifies as female

:bulletblue:Nature: Naughty - Not behaving in the way they are told or in the desired manner, disobedient-

Personality: Oterma is... How would you say it? Very self-assured. And by that I mean cocky and and even arrogant. She has very competitive spirit and she is always there to prove her abilities. Even when the odds are against her. She rarely listens to anyones' advices and usually replies to these with snarky remarks. She has very little respect for traditions and she rarely follows rules. She is not mean because she finds it funny but after spending millenniums in space in inanimate state, she is not wasting her precious time and patience (the very little she has) with people/pokemon she doesn't find interesting. Oterma LOVES racing and is very proud of being the fastest thing on this planet (so far). Best way to get on her good side is to have a good sense of humor and not to take things too seriously or give her a decent challenge in a race (or in any competition). If you manage to to catch her interest, you know you got a friend who makes sure the fun never ends (if you are into her type of "fun").

:bulletorange:Species: #386 Deoxys (speed)
:bulletblue:Ability: Pressure - When this Pokémon is hit by a move, the opponent’s PP lowers by 2 rather than 1
:bulletorange:Habitat: Sky and Ozone Layer

"Earth... Was there a reason I landed here?"

How long had she been traveling through space? Centuries? Millenniums!? She did not know. She was a simple alien virus, attached to a comet, flying around space. She was somewhat aware of her existence but couldn't do much. How boring is that?! Not much to do right? Just fly on your eternal route around nothingness... But it all changed when an unexpect obstacle came in her way. This obstacle, was Earth.

She fell on the blue planet. At first, nothing seemed to happen but soon Earth's atmosphere created a mutation within the virus. First, a jewel was born. This purple core seemed to be the aware and act like brains. Soon, the mutation continued and a body was born around it. It was a new form for her, deoxys! Deoxys admired her new body. She was now able to decide her own destiny. Go where ever she wanted. She wanted to explore this new planet. Thus, she flew away in high speed.

At first, the deoxys was ecstatic. Her new body was amazing and so fast. Nothing was able to catch up with her. This built her cocky and competitive attidute. She spent hundreds of years traveling around the Earth. She learned how this world worked. She saw creatures called humans and their companions called "pokemon". That is when she learned that these humans classified her as a pokemon too and she had this "special" status among these creatures. She even met some other pokemon that were given this "legendary" status like her. Though she never really gave them much thought or respect. These beings were usually too attached to their spirit duties which bored her. She couldn't relate to that. She had no special purpose or connection to this planet's spiritual world like them. She just happened to land here by accident. Or was there a divine reason? She didn't care, she only wanted to have fun and do things her own way.

Over these years deoxys kept traveling around the world but she always returned to her meteor on her birthdays (the day she landed on Earth). There she reminisced her earlier life in space. One day though, she found out that the humans had discovered her meteor and named it 39P/Oterma. Deoxys was somewhat flattered and she decided to adopt the name. Around now humans had started to evolve and build their society. Oterma followed this development curiously. Little did she, or the other legendaries know that this was the start of their end.

Humans grew fast. They started to spread. They started to build. Where there were once forests, there were now cities. Where there were once beautiful lakes, they were now polluted. Everything what was once sacred were no longer. The legendary deities, that were once so respected, were hunted for their powers. Oterma looked at this sight in displeasure. What fools! Don't they see they will destroy themselves and this planet at this rate?! Such stupidity frustrated her. But she didn't do much about it. I mean, this place was not her home. Even though she was a pokemon, she was still an alien too. Maybe it was time for her to ditch this place and find a new planet.

One day when she was flying through the Ozone layer and thinking if she should just leave, she came across a rayquaza. An old "friend" of her that she used to bug and challenge in races. He seemed to be in a hurry somewhere. Oterma grinned and hastened next to him."Hey dragon breath! Where in such a hurry? Compared to your usual speed, this is almost respectable!" She teased him."Hmph, joke as you want but I am certain you have seen what is happening to this world." The green dragon said. "Humans have forgotten about us and it is our time to leave." The deoxys tilted her head. "Leave, where?" The rayquaza had caught her interest. "There is a new place, paradise they even say, created only for us legendary beings. We are all going there." Oterma raised her eyebrow."A place for legendary pokemon only? Hmm..." She repeated and pondered rayquaza's words. "Maybe I'll check it out! I mean, you guys are the only ones who can give me a decent challenge!" She finally said with a cocky grin. "Show me the way dragon breath!" She yelled and put on her goggles.

She was willing to give this planet one last chance.

:bulletorange:Summary characteristic: Likes to run fly
• Racing and competing - Oterma has a very competitive nature. She will accept almost any challenge.
• Creating auroras on night sky - On those rare moments when she is relaxing, she creates auroras to calm herself down.
• Collecting pins and accessories. - Oterma likes to collect accessories and change the pins on her vest.

:iconpsychictypeplz:: Psycho Boost - Her most powerful move but she rarely uses it because it takes a lot of energy and it lowers her powers.
:iconnormaltypeplz:: Extremespeed - Her favourite move. Boosting her already amazing speed, she hit her opponent.
:iconpoisontypeplz:: Toxic (TM) - An interesting move she picked up on her travels. Oterma can mentally poison her opponents. She then uses her speed to fiddle time and let the poison do the job.
:iconghosttypeplz:: Shadow Ball (TM) - She creates a sinister ball of energy in her chest core and shoots it.

• She has a tattoo on her blue tentacle.
• Due to her tentacle hands, she prefers to use her psychic powers to pick up stuff and handle things.
• Due to her low defense abilities, her body is weak and gets easily bruised and damaged. One good hit and she is pretty much down.
• However, she is able to regenerate her body if needed as long as her purple core is undamaged. This will take time though!
• She wants to keep her body aerodynamic thus she doesn't wear any big or puffy clothes.
• Like most deoxys, she can create auroras and communicate through them with other deoxys.
• Has VERY little patience and is always hurrying where ever she goes.
• The purple core on her chest is her brain.
• She dyes her hair every now and then thus her hair color is never constant. (her original color is unknown.)

:bulletorange:Fun Facts:
• 39P/Oterma is a real comet, discovered by Liisi Oterma, first female astronomer in Finland.
• Her birthday is actually the date when the said comet's next perihelion is said to happen, July 11, 2023
• Her design is inspired by (cyber) punk style and Tank girl series.

Pokemon © Nintendo
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shinytrubbish Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
The fastest Pokemon is actually an Excadrill with max speed and the ability sand rush. In a sandstorm, that same Excadrill will have a speed stat of 604!!!!
Sevslover6195 Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this girl!
She's been featured here: [link]
ShadowNight9 Featured By Owner May 15, 2013  Student Artist
to evil.
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favorite poke, favorite form. this is wonderbau! you have the best characters without even trying!
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Reminds me of tank girl
the-ever-eternal Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
i never would have guessed tank girl, if you haven't stated it, it looked more like a redesign for freeza in dragon ball Z (no offense)
blinding-eclips Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013
woah dude this design is amazing! *0*
blitzking Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
TANK GIRL! Ah! I thought about before to read the fun facts!
She doesn't change form, right?
TamarinFrog Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Nope, she doesn't. It's one of groups rules.
ruttitutti Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my freaking gosh this is without a doubt, the coolest Pokemon character design I've seen! <3 Very punkish, I can't get enough of this! You're incredible with designs and back stories. I have an overwhelming urge to draw fanart for this character harble garble. *__*
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