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April 28, 2013
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RD Bio - Vincent the Lucario by TamarinFrog RD Bio - Vincent the Lucario by TamarinFrog
characters mentioned in the bio:

A bit late but I had friends over the weekend... Anyway, here is Vincent! Everyones' favourite goofy lucario! :iconvincentsokawaiiplz:

FIRST, I decided to remove the trivia box. I realized that it wasn't providing any new info and I would rather give history and extra more room. And honestly, I could add trivia into into extra box too. They are kinda same thing. I'll update Veruka's bio too with this new layout.

And now for the bio itself. Here you see a fine example how I am changing things. All characters have now a bit more interesting stories how they ended up with Elisa. I was getting annoyed how they were suppose to be bred in the ranch in the old canon yet I NEVER showed their parents. I don't want Elisa to have too many pokemon and I don't want to create too many canon characters. (I have PLENTY enough). So yeah, expect new histories with almost every character and I want to remind you. These will barely effect the ongoing story.

I would also like to mention this ditto breeding thing I made up. I've always felt that trainers wouldn't think too highly about ditto breeding so I made up this theory that there is a hi chance that things can go wrong when breeding with dittos. Dittos need to make a PERFECT transformation so there are no genetic mistakes. This is why only very skilled breeders are allowed to use them, and preferably only with genderless and male only pokemon. This is, of course, only my theory and no way I am saying it it real.

And yes... This new history means that Vincent HAS riolu brothers/sisters (same lucario father&ditto mother) and possibly half brother/sister eevees/starters/other rare male dominated species (different father&same ditto mother). Currently I have no plans to introduce any canon siblings but... Fans! I'll keep my eyes on your works. :iconohyoucasplz:

Vincent & Random Doom © Me
Pokemon © Nintendo
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ss2shadic Jan 26, 2014  Student Artist
something tells me, if Vincent Manages to Mega-Evolve... well he's will be the most amazing and funny Mega-Lucario Ever XD
LuckyZorua Jan 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
nice... I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!

In the manga I'm making There is a Riolu in training. I'm not trying to copy u,  my riolu is from my Pokémon X(on route 22 u need to train them because they are weak at first) I tried to breed him and My Espurr(now a meowstick) but they didn't like each other, this means though, That my Eevee could be related to VINCENT

Btw I'm planning on making a book where both mangs COLLIDE and Elisa and Katie(my char on pokemon X) MEET!

Rainbowkenjacat Jan 14, 2014  Professional Artist

In my White2 I caught a Riolu and named him Azul. Then a caught a second for my friend and named her Sasha but not my point.

My point is....are Azul and Vincent possible *gasp* UNKNOWN BROTHERS?!?!?!?

JK it could be possible though.
* leaves a Lucarionite, Charizardite X and Y and a key stone behind Jenna`s door with the note * Dear Jenna i spied on your pokemons and i saw that some pokemons compatible with the Mega evolution. Have a nice day.  Anomynous
Vincent's my favorite character out of all of them!
But wait, in the character bio, it states that he was bred on a ditto farm, but in the comic "Riolu is born", it states that the MC bred him to know earthquake, which of the two stories is right? Or are they both?
TamarinFrog Aug 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
The new bios are the ones up to date.
Not to be stupid or anything, but I thought these were the new bios. Are there more?
TamarinFrog Aug 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, these are the new one, meaning they are the ones up to date. If something is different in older works, those are no longer canon.
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